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The Four Types of People

I just read a bunch of articles by James Altucher – I hadn’t heard of the guy before but ran into one of his articles and ended up spending a bit of time on his site navigating his posts.   Lots … Continue reading

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Parking Space Theory of Life

Great line from Faust : “I call it the Parking Space Theory of Life. Don’t park 10 blocks away from your destination because you think you won’t find a closer space. Go to where you want to be. You can … Continue reading

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Sweet and Sour of Investing: Do’s and don’ts of making the deal

“Wow! You’ve got an amazing idea for the game-changing new product of the century. But no money to bring it to market. What to do? Your road ahead is paved with decision trees and gotcha traps. “Picking the right investor … Continue reading

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Online Marketing Revolution

Consumers are increasingly using email, mobile, social media and websites to access information and interact with brands. Media consumption is shifting from offline channels to interactive channels, driving marketers to increase the percentage of advertising spending on interactive marketing. According … Continue reading


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Meet the Facebook of China

On behalf of the MIT Club of Northern California (MITCNC) and the MIT Young Alumni Leaders Association (MITALA), I am very pleased to be co-hosting a talk by Joe Chen, an MIT alum (G ’95) and CEO of RenRen (aka … Continue reading

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Flash Memory Disruption

The San Jose Business Journal recently interviewed me regarding the flash memory space.  Storage has become a critical bottleneck in today’s datacenter and the migration to flash memory is a huge tidal shift that represents a multi-billion dollar market opportunity.  … Continue reading

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When VCs ask questions…

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