The Four Types of People

I just read a bunch of articles by James Altucher – I hadn’t heard of the guy before but ran into one of his articles and ended up spending a bit of time on his site navigating his posts.   Lots of good stuff there.  One of the posts mentioned his view of the four types of people in the world and how to deal with them. I found this so useful, I thought I’d synthesize it here:

1. Happy People: People who are genuinely happy with their lives at this moment in time.

  •  “For you to go from success to success you must first be sincerely happy for the people who are happy around you. Like attracts. Picture all the people you might resent. Spend five minutes a day training your brain to be happy for them. “

2. Unhappy People

  • ” Try to cultivate compassion. It doesn’t mean you have to drain yourself to help those less fortunate. If you can share what you have, all the better. If you can give a word of advice, do it. What you give, comes back tenfold.”

3. Good People: This is different from “Happy”. These people legitimately want to help others.

  • Be grateful for all the people good to you and think, “this guy is good. I wish I could be as good as him. I hope I can help him in any way I can.”

4. Crappy People: People who will do you harm, no matter what you do, for no reason at all.

  • Remember: “When you get in the mud with a pig, you get dirty and the pig gets happy”
    • Completely ignore them.
    • Don’t think about them.
    • Don’t talk to them.
    • Don’t write them.
    • Most important: Don’t give them advice.
    • Most important: Never gossip about them behind their backs
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Parking Space Theory of Life

Great line from Faust :

“I call it the Parking Space Theory of Life. Don’t park 10 blocks away from your destination because you think you won’t find a closer space. Go to where you want to be. You can always circle back to where you have to be.”

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Sweet and Sour of Investing: Do’s and don’ts of making the deal

“Wow! You’ve got an amazing idea for the game-changing new product of the century. But no money to bring it to market. What to do? Your road ahead is paved with decision trees and gotcha traps. “Picking the right investor is one of the most crucial decisions for an entrepreneur. If you thought getting married is a commitment, try raising money,” cautions Gaurav Tewari.”

I was pleased to be featured on Voice America Radio Show, “Coffee Break with Game Changers,” a few days ago.  You can listen to the audio clip here.  Segments appear at the following times for expedited listening.

  • 3:08
  • 6:50
  • 16:45
  • 23:00
  • 36:00
  • 49:20


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Online Marketing Revolution

Consumers are increasingly using email, mobile, social media and websites to access information and interact with brands. Media consumption is shifting from offline channels to interactive channels, driving marketers to increase the percentage of advertising spending on interactive marketing. According to Forrester’s US Interactive Marketing Forecast 2011 to 2016, U.S. marketers plan to increase spending on interactive channels (defined as display, search, email, mobile and social media) as a percentage of total advertising spending from 16% in 2011 to 26% in 2016, creating a projected $77bn market in the United States by 2016, of which email, mobile and social media marketing is expected to grow from approximately $4.8bn in 2011 to nearly $15.7bn by 2016, representing a compound annual growth rate of 27%.

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Meet the Facebook of China

On behalf of the MIT Club of Northern California (MITCNC) and the MIT Young Alumni Leaders Association (MITALA), I am very pleased to be co-hosting a talk by Joe Chen, an MIT alum (G ’95) and CEO of RenRen (aka the “Facebook of China”), publicly traded with a $2.8 Billion market capitalization. Joe is one of the most influential Internet pioneers in China and is not in the U.S. very often, so this is a great opportunity to meet him. Joe will be interviewed by Jeff Yang of the Wall Street Journal, who has flown in from DC for the occasion, about how social networking will transform traditional business sectors and where he is making personal investments.  Details follow below for those interested in registering for what promises to be a great event, particularly in light of Facebook’s much-anticipated upcoming IPO.

APRIL 16 San Fran | Meet CEO Joe Chen of Renren, “The Facebook of China.”
Hear His Global Investing Strategy in Social Media, Mobile, and Financial Services

Join MIT and Harvard alumni for an evening of networking and a fireside chat with MIT/Stanford MBA alum, Joe Chen, CEO of Renren (NYSE:RENN).

Renren,  often dubbed the “Facebook of China” with 147 MM users and $2.4 Billion in market cap, is a rollup of Chinese equivalents of Zynga, YouTube, Groupon and more.  Joe, a pioneer of China’s Internet industry, will share what it takes to succeed in China, lessons learned, and where he’s investing now in the broader social networking space, from mobile to financial services.  .

Seats are limited.   Get tickets & more details here:
If you’re a current or recent Wharton MBA grad (2008-2015),  get $20 tickets here (reg $28) :

This event is co-hosted by the MITCNC, in partnership with the Harvard Clubs of San Francisco & Silicon Valley, and  the MIT Global Entrepreneurship Network.

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Flash Memory Disruption

The San Jose Business Journal recently interviewed me regarding the flash memory space.  Storage has become a critical bottleneck in today’s datacenter and the migration to flash memory is a huge tidal shift that represents a multi-billion dollar market opportunity.  Fusion-IO (NYSE: FIO) has achieved a $2.5 Billion+ market cap as an early leader in the space, focusing mainly on server-side PCIe flash cards.  Other companies are taking a complimentary approach focusing on flash memory arrays and appliances that solve the IO /latency bottleneck of hard disk drives (spinning disks), greatly accelerating the performance of business critical applications.

You can read the full interview here. Or visit the San Jose Business Journal site (premium access required) here.

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When VCs ask questions…

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